Q- Can you special order something for me that you don’t normally stock?

A- Sure. Most special orders can be obtained within one week.

Q- I had this wine the other night… I don’t remember the name of it…

A- Next time take a quick picture of the front and back labels and we can help you track it down.

Q- Do you have Pappy Van Winkle?

A- No

Q- I’m looking for a rare beer such as KBS, Dogfish head 120, or Goose Island Bourbon County Stout. How can I score one of those?

A- Be a regular patron. We don’t have wait lists or raffles for limited products.

Q- What’s the best day of the week to get my hands on new or limited beers?

A- Your best bets are Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Q- Do you ship alcohol?

A- At this time, no we do not.